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Readers Joyful – pReader App Deployed to TouchPad!

One of the most glaring omission in the release of the webOS TouchPad device was the lack of an e-reader application. Earlier this week, Amazon finally came through with their Kindle App, which works nicely with the Amazon.com eBook store, but it's not exactly a universal solution.

Our favorite eReader app, pReader has finally come to the rescue! The developer made a few tweaks to allow the app to expand to fit the full screen size of the TouchPad. And really, that was all we needed to get back to reading our favorite ePub, mobi, PDB/PRC ebook formats.

The price is still a very affordable FREE. Find it in the app store today.

[Source: HP App Store]

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  • Jay

    I have it installed and i have a few ePUB books on my pc… how and where do i save it on my TouchPad and how do i have pReader open them for me to read?


  • Matthew Penn

    I just simply hook my Touchpad into the PC, using the USB mode. I’ve created a folder on my TP called “ebooks” and I just drag and drop the ebooks from my PC to the Touchpad.

    Now, sometimes pReader does not immediately recognize that there are new books in the system. But after a few minutes, when you do an “Add Book” function, you’ll see your epub book available for importing into pReader.

  • Lisa

    Thank you guys sooooooo much! I have been going CRAZY trying to get books onto my touchpad!! I am thankful that someone knew what to do!!

  • http://weboscenter.com Matt

    Glad we could help! I love pReader. Actually, I haven’t yet even opened up the Kindle App yet.

  • SD

    How do I save my pReader App as a favorite? Although I downloaded it as a launch, it does not appear on my apps or downloads page. I have to go into the HP store each time and click launch to engage it. What have I failed to do?

  • SD

    Forgive my ignorance. Briefly, step by step, how do I drag ebooks from my PC to my Touchpad?

  • Kenpappas

    What format>? How about some help?

  • Czgu

    where is the download link?

  • Anonymous

    just search “pReader” in the HP Apps Catalog

  • Marc

    unfortunately, it doesn’t import books and doesn’t “remember” the ones you did when you were lucky enough to get them in after reloading the software (many) times. Looking forward to the update!

  • Organicphoto

    I followed these directions but I still get the message “Your document list is empty.”

  • Zenock

    Nothing no matching apps

  • Debbiedavis1953

    I got the preader but it can’t seem to find my books I load on my touchpad. Any suggestions?

  • Pnutluvr98528

    Same problem here. Have reinstalled many times, but it’s useless. It resets every time it is opened. I lose any book I’ve imported and have to acknowledge the change log again.
    Don’t expect updates, since developers won’t work on webOS apps anymore.